Safe Step Ice Melt vs Safe Paw Ice Melt – The Best Ice Melting Product

There are different companies that manufacture some of the best ice melt products. Talking about two such that are ruling the market is Safe Step ice melt and Safe Paw ice melt. The common feature of this product is both are designed with better technology, good ingredients and are value for money. However, if you are confused on which option to go for, then you can certainly differentiate between the two and make the decision. When winter strikes, choose the right brand of ice melter so that you can have safe side walks and drive ways too. Check out the best products and make your decision accordingly.

Benefits to know:

· Safe Paw ice melt is known for ideal performance and comes with the guidance for better understanding. 
· It is suitable for all weather conditions and is entirely a natural product. Besides it works best on concrete and is not corrosive to metal. 
· If you compare it with Safe Step, Safe Paw melts the ice faster. 
· Safe Paw; the name itself states that it is specially designed for pets, children, and to maintain a good environment. 
· It works better than the salt based product. Besides its dual effect compound gives the results that stays for quite a long time.

Step of Using Safe Paw:

1. Being highly concentrated, Safe Paw is highly effective. It is pretty simple to use.
2. Spread it before the precipitation of winter or after. Thus, there will be a barrier that will ensure that ice will not bond to the surface. 
3. The result stays good for 3 days. In case you find any ice being accumulated, do not chip away underlying ice while shoveling. 
4. The crystal core present in it, penetrates and de-stabilizes the ice.

Tips to follow:

· Safe Paw ice melt being a natural product is safe for pets and children and can be used directly. 
· Follow the guidelines well before you start using this product to get the faster results and use it in the right manner. 
· Compare the prices for both the products along with the quality and client reviews, and then decide of which option to go for.

The best part is both products gives good results even though one works better than the other and is designed to melt the ice even at the low temperature. However, look for the one which gives accurate application and how conveniently you can use it. This will help you melt the ice in a much safer way.

6 Must Know Alternatives To Road Salt

With the alarming rate of the cases submitted, over the continued use of salt on roads by credible institutions, alternatives to road salts is the way to go. With governments spending most of its budget on making sure there is little or no hindrance to the way of doing business during winter seasons, which may in turn have a negative impact to the economy, there is a danger looming in ensuring a balanced environment. The balance is very easy to come by, just by using SafePaw environmentally friendly ice melter over road salt. Over time use of salt has been considered by most of these governments, but it has proven beyond reasonable doubt that if continued we will have greater challenges to deal with soon enough. Among major reasons why alternative to salt roads are


The salt has the ability to corrode our car body works which are metallic in nature, eat away the metal that are used in the vehicles and to a greater extent the brake linings are not left behind. 

Environmental pollution
With the continued use of salt on our soil, chlorine gets its way to the underground stream and rivers interfering with the living conditions of the fish and all living sea creatures. The water also gets contaminated making the conditions hard for the vegetation and animals’ that are dependant of fresh water, which can become harmful and toxic. Therefore, whether by runoff or through underground water our water bodies become very prone to pollution.

Chloride levels in the water should always remain far below the unsafe level of 250mg/l. However, the continued use of salt may causes the rise of this chloride in water to toxic levels posing a very possible danger to the community and living things that depend on the water.

Pets are not left behind in this danger of increased use of salt. By licking themselves they are exposed to the poisoning of their lives with this level of toxicity. 

Children innocence makes them to be very vulnerable to the dangers posed by the environment they are exposed to. Doctors have recorded greater number of incidences during such periods as they emanate from the excessive chlorine on their disposal.

Alternatives to road salt is the best and the only sure way to have these plus many other effects reduced for a better and healthy living. The alternative should be

Environmental friendly

It should be non-corrosive to all metals. It should be safe on rubber, plastics and paints also. It should provide safety on pavements, concrete and asphalt decreasing the number of possible dangers that may occur through accidents.

Having alternatives to salt road will minimize greatly the number of incidences reported on pets and children being affected directly or indirectly, giving the parents peace of mind.

The plants and the living creatures will also be off the hook as their inhabitation will be safe from any pollution and toxic materials.

Alternatives will always ensure there are no staining or even destruction of flooring. The pavements, roads and even concrete will serve their purpose uninterrupted. 

These are among the benefits that you will find in using Safe Paw which is the sure way of protecting our pets and their surroundings from the undesirable effects of salt on roads.

Sidewalk Ice Melt Products Concrete

Winter is approaching, now while that has some fun parts, having your concrete sidewalks buried in thick ice pileS and being stuck indoors because your door is held by heavy snow build-up could make your joyous winter a blizzard nightmare. You might want to resort to using ice melt products to get along with the falling snow. That is very important yes, but the decision shouldn’t be in a rush. While you try to melt snow, it is important that you acknowledge that there are associated shortcomings with using sidewalk ice melt products. It is therefore important that you utilize effective ice melters with environmentally friendly ingredients to compensate for your vulnerable items (concrete floors and flowers).

Benefits of use:

* Saves time and other resources:

The need for labor personnel and trucks to convey heaps of sands onto iced concrete pavements and sidewalks is reduced. With fewer people, concrete ice melters can be applied in a little while that it would take for trucks and bulldozers to handle. The cost involved in using sidewalk ice melters is also relatively cheap so you can be saving money. 

* Safe for displacing ice on concretes sidewalks:

Environmentally friendly sidewalk ice melt contains no corrosives or salts and so, work gently on concrete floors and metals. The absence of salt in them also makes them ideal for industrial use, as they tend to be non-conductive. Deice machines, helipads, airport runways, railroads, car parks and even on cars, with no negative results. They work faster that salt-based deicers and are active even in extremely low temperatures.

* Proprietary traction agents and Teflon effect:

Unlike other traditional ways, sidewalk concrete ice melters contain a formula responsible for the prevention of slipping and skidding. Another amazing benefit of non-salt-based deicers over salt-based deicers is the preventive Teflon effect. After your floor has been purged of the frosty deposits, Teflon creates an invisible layering on the deiced surface, which makes it easy for shoveling and remarkably prevents ice from sticking to the floor for 3 continuous days.

Instructions for use:

* Prior to snowing, apply ample amount of concrete ice melt to sidewalks, areas and objects to snow contamination. This creates the protective layering by the Teflon effect. This only does not prevent snow contamination, but also alleviates the stress in shoveling and risks of slipping or skidding.

* Should you get your car stacked in the snow deposit, things should get easily resolved with a wipe of the car tire surface and a few sprinkle of deicer on the tire. This would increase friction between the tire and the floor or snow surface as the snow melts of for traction agents to take their effects.

* Deicers react with heat and sunlight, so be sure to store in cool and dry places to avoid the content from reacting into a different thing, which might not yield your desired results

Natural Ice Melters Alternative Ice Melt

When winter arrives, bringing sleet, snow and ice, it also brings many hazards for those with pets. First, of course, it is that it can be very dangerous to be walking outside in those conditions because the increased danger of falling. It’s true that there are a great many ice melting products as a solution. Unfortunately, almost all of them contain salt, which is actually quite harmful to your pets, children and the environment.

The only really safe way to reduce the dangers of snow and ice, without risking damage to animals, people and homes, is to use natural ice melters like SafePaw. The less salt they contain the better and the ones with no salt at all like SafePaw, are the best. They will offer protection to:

Anyone who has walked their dogs in a big city neighborhood after the road has been salted, can tell you how painful it can be to pets. The salt pellets get stuck to their paws and coats. Then once they are back indoors, the higher temperatures cause the pellets to melt, the salt burning the skin and possibly causing ulcers.

Oftentimes, dogs will lick the pellets, which can result in severe gastritis. Anyone of these problems will mean trips to the vet. And while that is a drain on time and finances, the real harm is the unnecessary suffering of beloved pets.

Children will have problems, as well, if they encounter these pellets while playing in the snow. Touching their eyes afterward will cause irritation, and they may possibly develop severe skin conditions from contact with the salt. Even worse, children may accidentally ingest the pellets, which can cause stomach problems and possibly even kidney damage.

Additionally, once the snow melts, the leftover salt can cause irreparable damage to building materials used in driveways, decks and homes. Wood, asphalt, concrete and pavers are all vulnerable to permanent damage. Plus, having it tracked into houses may ruin carpets, floors and rugs. Nothing and no one is safe from the damage that can be caused by interaction with excessively salted products.

Of course, the toxic substance left after the snow melts will then be washed into rivers, lakes and streams, harming the wildlife which lives within. And along the way, it will burn grass, erode soil, kill plants and the birds who feed on them.

Most people are not aware of the dangers presented by the salt in most commercial ice melters. Many people with pets, who are aware of the problem, don’t realize that there is a solution. But there are products available which contain greatly reduced amounts of salt, and at least one that has no salt whatsoever.

Another feature which some of these more natural ice melters offer, is making the pellets in a color other than white. This way, they are distinguishable from both the snow and ice, as well as any heavily salted ice melter pellets which may be nearby.

Finally, there is an alternative to heavily salted products, the gentler natural ice melters.

Rock Salt Alternatives

According to recent surveys conducted in America, 65% of American households use rock salts and other salt products to melt ice and snow in winter seasons. But the issue is lots of people are unaware of the environmental and health dangers of this product.

These ice melters, contains sodium chloride and potassium chloride. It can easily heat up to 170 degrees when it is exposed to low temperatures and water. These chlorides will pose dangers to environment and to our pets. When rock salts is used to clear ice and snow on the concrete walkways, it will dissolve into the water slowly and spreads to a larger area. So when the temperatures fall and rise, it will create a freeze and thaw cycle. The problem is it increases freeze and thaw cycle and doubles the expansion rate in freezing process. So when the freezing starts again, it expands, placing stress on the surface.
After some time, it will cause cracks because of this stress. The serious drawbacks of rock salts are temperature, contamination, oxidization and it’s environmental issues.

In addition using raw salts poses serious issues to the pets and to especially for the dogs. These salts can seep into fur and paws of the dogs. These salts can burn the skin surface and cause skin ulcers to pets. When the cats and dogs, licks these salts, it may cause serious gastrointestinal issues to them. Alternatives to rock salt: There are many effective and safe alternatives for rock salts to handle snow and ice in winter season.

The best rock salt alternative is Safe Paw: The first and foremost alternative to the rock salts is Safe Paw. This product is guaranteed child safe and pet safe and it also 100% free from the salts. Animal hospitals, veterinarians, and humane societies etc recommend this number 1 selling product for years. PTPA green product seal awarded it and it also included in 1000 Best Things for the earth and you by whole green catalogue. This is a highly recommended alternative to the rock salts.

Electric-Powered Snow Blowers: If the residence is completely covered with snow and ice during the winter seasons, these blowers will act as a small alternative to gas powered blowers and rock salts. These gas-powered blowers are known for its noise and air pollution.

Snowmelt mat: Investing in snowmelt mat is much better than replacing an old walkway or driveway. This mat is composed with electric wires, which heats the walkway and driveway from underneath. It may cost electricity bills, but it avoids the potential risks of rock salts.

Heated mats: Heated mats lay on the walkway’s surface and melt the ice and snow on the surface. This will be a better replacement for rock salts.

During winter seasons, the snows and ice on the surface can lead to accidents and injuries. Maintaining a hazard free and safe environment is very critical in this season. Removing snow and ice is a tougher task on this season. So before choosing something to clean the snow surface, consider your surroundings, environment, family, pets etc. and choose them wisely.

Best Ice Melt For Roofs

Ice melt especially in countries that experience winter seasons where snow and ice fall from the sky throughout the day is a very sensitive topic. People are looking for easier and simpler ways of addressing the issue without any extra damages arising. Many people are looking for the best ice melt products that will have no negative or any significant side effect on their environment, pets and even damaging to their properties e.g. roofs. Safepaw has proven to be the best ice melt for your roof.

Consider the following when purchasing ice melt for your roof

1. First determine the type of material or surface that your roof is made from. Some of the ice melts used might be corrosive when applied and come into contact with certain specific materials.

2. Determine the level of safety of using such ice melt chemicals on your roof. Some of them have negative effects on pets, green plants and whose effect may sometimes be lethal.

3. Read the user manual carefully before using the chemicals and apply them in the right amounts or employ a professional to do the work for you.

4. Ice melt for the roofs assures you of no need or reason for you to climb to the roof to remove the ice. Ice melts can be used without climbing on the roof which is always slippery and wet whenever it snows.

Benefits of using safepaw ice melt for your roof

1. It is safe for use and does not affect the environment negatively, and can be used even when there are plants.

2. It contains a traction agent that prevents falls and ensures there are no slips

3. Preserves and protects your roof; By knowing and understanding your roof; safepaw is designed to protect floors and roof surfaces. It is the best product to use so as not to destroy your roof

Ice melt products are mostly composed of chemicals. Safepaw is comprised of; Traction agents that prevent falls and any slips. It also has a modified crystal compound that has a dual effect when used. It melts the ice and also provides adequate protection for your roof for over three days. It also contains special mixture of glycol. Safepaw is also salt free and safety of use is guaranteed.

Ice melt chemicals can be found in supermarkets, hardware stores, home centers and other retailer shops. You can purchase safepaw from the same places. Safepaw has green pellets in appearance and that can be used to differentiate it from the other ice melt products.

Tips on how best to choose ice melt products for your roof
1. Know your roofs and surfaces well before buying any ice melt products
2. Always wear protective garments to protect yourself.
3. Choose an ice melt product that has the least negative effects.
4. Ensure that you install a water repellent material below your roof to prevent water from sipping in.

The best tip on how to use ice melt products on your roof is to ensure that there are no formations of ice dams and safepaw provides this assurance by attracting sunlight during the day which provides more heating power thus high ice melting rate.

Buy Safepaw ice melt for your roof today.

Road Salt Substitute Alternatives

When the weather gets colder and heavy snows start coming, it is of the utmost importance for road crews to clear roads for travelers. The amount of rain related accidents and deaths tremble in comparison to those related to snow. Snow is great news for those who love the outdoors and snow sports but is incredibly hazardous for those who travel. When snow starts falling most road crews get out their snow plows and road salt to melt the ice and snow. This system works great and has immediate gratification except for when it comes to the environmental affects of the road salt.

Environmental Harm

Road salt is incredibly harmful to the surrounding environments, especially in the water supply. For water life it can cause extreme complications and harm because of its delicate disposition. Water creatures need clean water to filter through their systems, not water infected with sodium chloride. Road salt also harms vegetation by preventing growth on the side of roads. This desolation can go up to 650 feet away from the roadside. Road salt also hurts animal life because it acts as a salt lake for big game like elk and deer. What happens when elk go near the road and cross it? They run an incredibly high risk of getting hit by a car, killing themselves and families.

How It Hurts Us

There are many different ways that road salt hurts people. Having water high in sodium chloride not only affects the taste of the water but also can hurt those who have and struggle with high sodium levels. This is known as salt pollution and is becoming more of a problem the longer road salt is being used. The salt that once saved lives from dangerous driving conditions is now risking lives by being present in communities’ watersheds. This kind of pollution is dangerous and also incredibly expensive to clean out.

The Alternative

There is an alternative to using road salt and preventing any kind of pollution and it’s called Safe Paw. Safe Paw is a fantastic road salt substitute / road salt alternative because it is made using a modified crystalline amide core which is then mixed with a unique glycol mixture and added traction agents. This road salt alternative has all of the benefits of road salt and more.

Because of its clean components this not only melts ice and snow, but also is environmentally safe and considered the best road salt substitute. It won’t pollute the local water well or attract any kind of animals to the road. What it will do is melt the ice and snow and keep roads safe for driving. It has been proven to be safe around all animals and people as well as on vegetation. Forget about bare ground on the roadsides because now there is nothing preventing growth!

Safe Paw works in two different stages. First, the crystal core works by penetrating ice and hard packed snow to destabilize its hold on asphalt and concrete making it a great road salt alternative. By doing this it speeds up the melting process, which makes it a fantastic road salt substitute. Secondly, Safe Paw leaves a layer that prevents snow and ice from covering or forming for up to three days, all while providing traction.

There really isn’t a question on which is better!

Best Homemade Ice Melt

Snow is accumulating on your driveway, sidewalk, and the steps to the front door and you are out of rock salt or ice melter. It is imperative that you get something down to stop the snow from turning into ice. But what can one use in a pinch? Listed below are the best homemade ice melt quick fixes, when store bought brands are unavailable. Each remedy will be listed from best to worse for their deicing abilities, with pros and cons; ending with a closing comment.

1. Table salt, kosher salt and sea salt

Heat is generated because of the exothermic reaction that takes place between the salt and water, which lowers the freezing point of the water in the snow. In other words, this chemical reaction hinders the advancement of the water’s freezing process. This is why road crews use salt for deicing.

•An effective ice melt or deicer.
•Larger grained salt, like kosher salt, is useful for traction.

•Salt in an substantial amount is considered caustic and toxic
•Environmentally harmful, in moderate and large quantities, to plants, animals, water wells, drinking water, aquatic ecosystems and humans.

For more information on how salt adversely affects our landscape click here.

Salt on sidewalks can harm your pets and the neighbor’s pet. Click here to read this informative article.

2. Rubbing alcohol

Perhaps not as effective as salt where ice melt is concerned, but certainly not as toxic or harmful either.Rubbing alcohol or Isopropyl ALCOHOL has a freezing temperature point at about -20 degrees Fahrenheit which slows the freezing process of water in ice and snow. Isopropyl alcohol can be found in most commercial ice melt and windshield deicing products.

•Suitable as an ice melt
•Less harmful than salt

•More than moderate quantities can cause skin, eye, and lung irritation

3. Fertilizer

Fertilizer can be spread atop the ice or snow. The warming effects of the fertilizer will very slowly begin to melt the ice, but not as quickly as salt or rubbing alcohol. Compost can comprise of ammonium sulfate, potassium chloride or urea.

•Somewhat effective as an ice melt

•Harmful when ice liquifies and fertilizer run-off enters municipal sewers and waterways which negatively affects nearby ecosystems.

After reading the details above, you could conclude that the best home made ice melts may not be best for the environment. There is a growing concern, in countries around the world, that man made chemicals and pollutants could destroy the environment to a point of no return. Thus, the movement of “Going Green” revolutionaries have emerged in the 21st century promoting clean energy solutions and alternatives to harsh chemicals being used today. Technological advancements for producing greener products have increased over the past years. Products that are safe for families, pets and the environment.

Is there an ice melt that is environmentally safe?

The answer is “yes”. And the name of the product is “Safe Paw Ice Melter”. Utilizing natural ingredients found in nature this break-through product is safe for families, pets and the surrounding ecosystems.

•An excellent deicer
•Will not harm humans, pets or the environment

•That only a few of the Earth’s populace will recognize the value of this product.

Here is a link to their MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) Click here.

Annual Summer Pet Friendly Walk Run Events

Find an event near you

If you are a runner, whether you run 10k races, or full marathons, you will know that there are not all that many races that actually allow you to bring your dog along. It is understandable for many reasons, but yet there is an ever increasing fraternity of joggers or runners who want to be able to bring their dog along.

Fortunately, the US is leading the way in terms of offering an ever increasing number of Pet Friendly Walk Run Events. Basically, dog owners are encouraged to being their canines along to these events, and meet with many other like-minded fitness fanatics. There are quite a number of these events in the US, many of them taking place on an annual basis, mostly in the summer months. Some of the more well known events include the Rocky Dog Trail Run, and the Furry 5K in Washington. While it’s a shorter race, the Oregon Humane Society Doggy Dash is a hugely popular event in Oregon. West Virginia hosts one of the longest dog friendly running events, the Dirty Dog 15K Trail Run in May every year. There are even Go Green events that allow pets.

Train during winter

One of the reasons that Pet Friendly Walk Run Events are held in the summer months is because of the issues regarding snow. However, just because the events are in the summer, doesn’t mean you will only be training with your pet during the summer. Running training must continue throughout the year. As such, Safe Paw ( has an excellent product on the market, which will melt ice while being completely safe to your pets. Because it is salt free, it is safe for your pets, and also much better for the environment.

Pet running basics

If you are just starting out to take your dog running, there are some useful tips which will help to make this idea much more successful:

· Make sure your pet has some level of obedience training to start off with. Basics like being able to sit are quite important;

· Before actually starting to run, practice just walking around the block. It is important for your dog to learn how to deal with distractions along the route;

· Remember that a dog’s paws are sensitive, and can get damaged. Don’t go straight out and run 10K on a tar road for your first run. Rather start off slowly, building your pet’s fitness, as well as toughening up their feet. Trail running is a much better alternative to tar road running, whenever this is possible;

· Pay attention to your pace, and to how your dog is coping. Your dog should be panting, and keeping up with you, but never appear to be winded;

· Just as you need to build up your fitness level, so too does your dog. It is ideal if you can both start running from the same fitness level and then get stronger together; and

· Look out for Pet Friendly Walk Run Events. These are a great way to meet like-minded people. Chat to people at these events, and find out if they have any tips for you. It is also a great way for your dog to get used to being around other pets.

Go Green Events With Pets Allowed

Go Green events are fun and it is important to support the initiative to improve the health of the planet. It can be a real challenge to find these events that also allow you to share the day with your beloved pet. There are, however, Go Green events with pets allowed that you can enjoy along with the added festivities of community involvement, healthy atmospheres and family fun. It just takes a little investigation to find them.

Step 1) Look for Outdoor Features When Searching for Pet-Friendly Events
Indoor events like expos may be a lot of fun and they are definitely very informative, but they are rarely pet-friendly. You should focus your searches more on outdoor type events.

A great one for this is the Thomas Creek Brewery Beer BBQ 5K Run/Walk. Dogs, children and handicapped individuals are all welcome at this fun event. Workers will check ID’s when assigning numbers to ensure no alcohol is served to minors. This is a fun way to enjoy a healthy activity, a little relaxation and your family pet, while supporting Go-Green.

Step 2) Avoid Service-Related Events
If a go-green event is centered on community service or clean up of an environmental area, they are great ways to spend your time and make a difference, but taking the family pet along may be counter-productive. However, many outdoor events are recreational in nature and are great ways to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings, appreciate what the environment has to offer and spend time with your pets.

Look for things like the upcoming second annual Swamp Rabbit Beer-BBQ 5K Run/Walk. Pets are welcome to join their owners who can partake in the day’s activities, run the 5K or take a leisurely walk through the course with their dog, and then kick back at the barbeque and enjoy a nice cold beer if they are over 21. Go Green events with pets allowed like this are a wonderful way to support eco-friendly initiative.

Step 3) If in Doubt – Ask
Sometimes there is no information on a Go Green event page that stipulates whether an event is pet-friendly. Many events that seem to lend themselves to family activities such as the Great Kids 3K Race in Simpsonville, SC on October 10 seem like they would be good fits. All events have contact information included with them so that you can find out if they allow pets to join in the festivities.

Step 4) Don’t Limit Yourself on Account of Weather
You might be surprised at the number of 5K runs that take place during winter months.. If your dog is capable of dealing with the cold, get out and enjoy the beauty of nature all year round and go-green. Events like the Hair of the Dog New Year’s Day Run are invigorating for both man and beast. If there is ice, the events should use Safe Paw ice melter the most widely used pet safe ice melter that is environmentally and pet friendly. You’ll even get breakfast and it is a great event for all members of the family. As an added bonus, you can even find a great way to add a new pet to the family at the event. The Humane Society will be in attendance with several great choices for adoption.