Why You Need Pet Safe Ice Melt Safe For Concrete

Up to 72 hours of protection on surface

An ice melt is typically a combination of Sodium chloride and magnesium chloride or calcium chloride and even potassium chloride pellets that acts as an instant solution for melting ice. However, while using on concrete it is best to avoid potassium chloride ones as they damage concrete. All these solutions are fast working and efficient but are not recommended as these are neither safe for the environment nor for our children and pets.

Safe Paw is an entirely unique solution that is safe for our pets and kids and is environment friendly. Normal ice melts contain the salts that can irritate and damage the paws of our dogs and are toxic if ingested. Ice melts are necessary so that ice can be removed from driveways to avoid the slipperiness while driving and thus preventing accidents. However, the chlorides present in the usual ice melts are hazardous to our beloved pets.

In the winter months, the roads and driveways are covered with snow and the driveways laden with chemicals to melt the ice. If the dogs are not eating them, they are at least playing in them and walking on them. This is a huge health hazard as it irritates the paws and causes oral and digestive problems in our little buddies.

· Sodium chloride is a chief ingredient in these ice melts and is what our table salt is made of. Ingestion of small doses of sodium chloride might cause slight irritation in the digestive tract and induce nausea and vomiting and even diarrhea. However, ingestion in higher quantities of this type of ice melt can prove to be toxic and cause serious problems such hyperthermia, dehydration, central nervous system signs and even death.

· Another chief ingredient in ice melts is potassium chloride. It not only causes damage to concrete, but is also a major irritant, and ingesting heavy doses will cause gastrointestinal irritation to the extent of inducing hemorrhagic vomiting and extreme diarrhea.

· Another ingredient is Magnesium chloride. Both potassium and magnesium chloride are irritants and only cause major problems in the large intestine if the dog suffers from renal disease. This also causes irritation in the digestive tract.

· Any kind of calcium salts are the most hazardous to our pets. These can be chlorides, carbonates or acetates. Calcium salts cause great irritation in the gastrointestinal tract and will cause the development of irritation and rashes on the paws and skin that comes
in contact with these ice melts. It might cause muscle spasms and drooling the cats.

· Urea based ice melts are usually said to be safe for pets and are highly recommended. However, ingestion of urea might cause mild irritation in the gastrointestinal tract but heavier dosage might cause weakness, tremors and even diarrhea.

Safe Paw is a patented dual effect compound. It is made up of a complex of a modified crystalline amide core that is infused with a special glycol mixture and traction agents. The best part about this is that it acts as a two way system as the liquid component breaks away the ice and melts and at the same time reduces surface tension that helps in more of the ice being melted away.

Safe paw works on the basis of an endothermic reaction i.e. it absorbs heat from the surroundings rather than evolving heat itself. This heat helps in the melting of the snow. The mixture is non-corrosive and thus is 100% safe for not only the kids and pets but also is environment friendly as it does not contain any harmful salts and does not give off heat. Since it is an endothermic reaction, it takes advantage of the solar energy during the day time particularly on days with slightly warmer temperatures.

Besides all the obvious advantages, another special feature of the Safe Paw is that it creates a sort of a protective sheet on the surfaces that does not allow any more ice to stick to it for another 3 days. This enables us to easily use a shovel to clear the area in case snow accumulates again. Other salt based ice melts might cause irritation to the skin of children and cause burning sensation in the eyes. However, that is not the case with Safe Paw.

Safe Paw is more effective and efficient than other ice melts as they take up a lot of time. However, Safe Paw breaks the surface tension of the ice and penetrates into the deeper layers, thus destabilizing the layers of snow and effectively breaking them apart. This makes it easier for the crystal core to absorb heat from the surroundings and melt the ice. Since it does not take much time, the quantities of the product that our pets might swallow is also relatively less.

Due to the other products being time consuming, a lot of the product is settled on the surface of the snow. When the dogs are let out, they tend to eat the ice and these products get into their systems as well or get stuck to their paws with the ice. On going inside, when the snow melts, they tend to lick their paws and thus by default ingesting these salts as well that will burn their paws, tongues and irritation in the digestive tracts.

The sad reality is that most people are unaware of the harmful effects of these ice melts and the toxic response on kids and pets. Safe Paw is the only available ice melter that is 100% salt free and works as good as if not better than other ice melters. People do not realize the harmful effects of other ice melters even after reading the warnings and precautions mentioned on the packages such as keep away from children and pets and wear gloves and goggles while sprinkling them over the ice covered areas. The effect on the environment is also too drastic during the winter season.

Safe Paw was developed by an engineer because he understood the drastic and hazardous effects other ice melters had on our pets and the environment. So he came up with the solution to prepare a pet and environment friendly ice melter. The liquid part of the compound breaks the surface tension of the ice that enables the crystal core to reach its depths. The best part is that the reaction taking place is an endothermic reaction as opposed to the exothermic reaction taking place in case of using other ice melters.

This ice melter is safe for the concrete of our driveways and does not corrode any surfaces and thus is ideal to be used in our households.