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Ice Melt Alternatives

Removing ice from walkways, steps and the driveway and having a product that will help get your car going in slippery conditions are winter essentials.

However, some of the best-known ice melt products are not safe to use. The “cure” is almost worse than the problem. For example, most traditional ice melt uses some form of rock salt in the mix – magnesium chloride, calcium chloride or potassium chloride. What do these chloride products have in common? They cause some or all the following in people and pets:

  • Skin irritation and blistering
  • Eye, nose, mouth, throat and lung burning from contact or inhaling rock salt dust
  • Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea if ingested
  • Metal fume fever when inhaled that produces fever, chills, muscle and chest pain and increased white blood cell counts

Homeowners and pet owners are shouting a collective, “No Thanks!” to these common ice melt products including Driveway Heat, Excel 50, Safe Step 4300 and 6300 and Halite. Even products like Safe Pet and Paw Thaw are suspect when it comes to whether they’re safe for dogs, cats and wildlife.

Common Ice Melt Alternatives

Here are the most popular ice melt alternatives with pros and cons for each:

  • Sand – Many municipalities are using sand instead of or mixed with road salt, and it does provide decent grip on ice. However, when used for residential purposes, it is hard on pet paws. Tracked inside, sand will mar any flooring surface quickly. Sand, after all, is the main ingredient in sandpaper.
  • Heated mats – These pricey devices plug into a 110-volt outlet or a car’s 12-volt socket. They’re great for small areas like the front stoop or in front of car tires, but if you try to clear an entire driveway with one, the job will be done about the time the next storm comes through or the spring thaw arrives.
  • Kitty litter – This product does a fantastic job of absorbing moisture, but it’s too soft to grip ice, and it becomes very slick when wet.
  • Coffee grounds and ashes – Both provide minimal gripping power on ice, and most of us have neither material in abundance unless we’re drinking way too much coffee or polluting the air with wood smoke.
  • Potassium acetate, urea fertilizer and softener salt – In short, they are all poisonous to you, your pets and the planet in the concentrated amounts needed to melt ice.

Effective and Safe Ice Melt Alternatives

That’s the combination to look for – an ice melt that is both safe and effective. Safe Paw covers both angles remarkably well. First, it is the only leading ice melt alternative that is safe because it’s the only one that has no salt in its blend.

How safe is Safe Paw ice melt? It meets the strict guidelines required to receive the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice Standard Award for environmentally safe products. Safe Paw is the right choice for you, your pets and the world we all share.

Safe Paw ice melt alternative uses a proprietary blend of safe ingredients that break down the structure of ice, so ice melts quickly and can be scraped away more easily. There’s no salt at all, only ingredients guaranteed (and recognized by the EPA) to be safe.

Safe Paw is an excellent choice for use around your home where it won’t harm you, pets, the lawn or your indoor flooring. Putting a bag in the car makes sense too, or choose Safe Paw’s sister product, Traction Magic, for help on slick roads. Traction Magic doesn’t use an ice melter, so there’s no waiting for it to work. It’s an ice gripper the delivers instant traction on ice and packed snow. An absorbing agent in Traction Magic soaks up surface water, the element scientifically shown to make ice slippery. Then, crystalline spikes grip the ice to provide a safe, effective surface for car tires, shoes and paws. Like Safe Paw, Traction Magic has been tested for safety, and it is ISO 9001 certified and meets the tough OSHA safety standards.

Dump the salt, and pick up Safe Paw alternative ice melt instead. And for instant traction for walking and driving, grab a bag of the gripper, Traction Magic.

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Snow Melt That Does Not Damage Concrete

houseIf you are using salt or other ingredients to melt snow in the winter ice storms, your not alone. Many people use these agents every year and it offers a temporary fix to solve the problem. However, there are problems with using these agents, especially if they are salt-based. They are damaging your surfaces. You may not even know the damage they are doing until the snow melts and you find the damage left after a winter freeze.


No one can deny the ease of use and access of salt agents. The problem is the corrosive properties inherent in salt. Salt is naturally hard on ice, but it is also hard on concrete, resulting in sometimes corroding the surface of your sidewalks, porch, and other surfaces. You don't want to have damage done to your outside surfaces just because a winter storm hits. You need to find an ice melt solution that gets rid of the ice without leaving damaged surfaces behind.


The solution is to find snow melt that doesn't damage concrete. It also needs to be something that really works and is touch on ice, but not on your concrete surfaces. SafePaw is the solution. It offers a 100% salt-free agent that is guaranteed to be safe to your pets, children, and others, while still doing a number on ice and snow. It leaves an invisible shield behind to protect your surfaces. It is easy to use, and safe on all major surfaces. Many veterinarians, groomers, human societies and others consider it the #1 selling brand of snow melt available! That's because it's safe and it works.

We understand what chemicals to use on your concrete surfaces and that's why we designed a product that would not damage your concrete, while still doing a number on ice and snow. You don't want anyone to fall or end up with a lawsuit due to your negligence. So make sure you get some SafePaw Ice Melter to take care of this problem before it ends in a tragedy. Older people, especially, are prone to falling and you don't want to risk a serious injury. It is easy to use and does not leave any damage behind on your concrete like salt and other chemicals does.

SafePaw Ice Melter was recently awarded the PTPA Green Product Seal for its safety to the environment and that's important too.

So if you are looking for a real solution to the ice problem when the winter storms bear down on you, keep your kids, visitors, and the environment safe with Gaia Enterprises Safe Paw™ Ice Melter. It's the perfect solution to the ice problem outside your home.

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Go Green Ice Melting / Snow Melting The Safe Way

Winter is quickly approaching and snow and ice will pose a problem to homeowners, especially those who have pets or young children. Ice and snow can cause falls, which can be severe, and may require specialized attention, so it is always a good idea to have an ice melter solution on hand that will prevent any unwanted accidents.

Current Products & The Environment

The biggest problem facing homeowners is that most commercial ice melting products contain salts that may be damaging to the environment, and are unhealthy for pets and children. These products also damage your deck and driveway after prolonged use, creating stains and weakened materials, which may cost you a good amount of money to fix. All that changes when you use SafePaw, an environmentally friendly product that will not harm your pets or kids.

Environmentally Safe Ice Melting / Snow Melting

SafePaw is an innovative way to melt ice and snow in a safe and environmentally healthy manner, which won't damage or stain your deck, or your asphalt or concrete driveway, and can even be used on plants and grass without any adverse effects. It has a dual effect, which uses the natural heat of the sun to melt ice and snow, while placing a special coating on the areas to which it is applied, which will prevent ice and snow from sticking to those surfaces for three days, making your shoveling duties easier.

Increased Traction For Vehicles

The product contains a traction agent, which prevents any slips and other accidents, helping you walk securely on the surfaces it has been applied to; and does not damage the tires on your vehicle, saving you money and time. It is also highly concentrated, which means that a small amount will go a long way towards helping you get rid of ice and snow.

Preventative Care

As a preventive measure, you can apply it to your driveway and other areas surrounding your home before it starts snowing, which will form a barrier that prevents ice from forming under the accumulation, making shoveling easier and less time consuming. If black ice has already formed on your driveway, make sure you scratch it a bit before applying the product, to help it work faster and better.

No Harmful Salts

Because it does not contain harmful salts, it can be used on gutters, rooftops, stairways, and other areas you wouldn't normally salt for fear of damage, and is available to purchase at hardware stores, pet supply stores, and even veterinarian offices in the cold states where winter precipitation is to be expected.

No Slips & Falls

Winter may be around the corner, but that doesn't mean you have to deal with slips and falls. You can melt ice and snow the safe way, while helping the environment, and keeping your children and pets secure by using SafePaw, the most effective alternative to traditional ice melting methods.