Dog Safe Ice Melt

The winter is gradually drawing closer and with it comes unsafe conditions in your garage, walkway and yard. To forestall slips and falls, many individuals utilize an ice dissolve amid winter months when snow and ice arrive. It might amaze you to discover that most deicers contain salt that can hurt your pets and kids, as well as the earth. Safe Paw is different. As a dog safe ice melt, it is considered the best product available today to deice exterior surfaces.

Safe Paw is a highly recommended product used by veterinarians, pet hospitals, groomers, and pet owners everywhere, making it the #1 selling dog safe ice melt on the market! In fact, no other deicer works like Safe Paw.

Have you ever taken a moment to read the label on your current ice melt? If so, you know it can't be trusted around your pets and kids. Safe Paw is the most reputable ice dissolve available that is ensured to be 100% free of salt, pet-safe and safe to use around homes with children. Safe Paw's pellets are green so you can very easily distinguish it from shake salt and salt-based products. The advantages of utilizing Safe Paw's dog safe ice melt include all of the following:

- Completely pet and kid safe

- Eco-friendly for backyards

- Will not hurt decking of any sort

- Safe on black-top, cement and pavers

- Safe on foliage of all types

- Unique traction-agent prevents slipping

- Will not recolor or decimate flooring

Safe Paw's protected double impact compound is made of an adjusted crystalline amide center injected with an uncommon glycol admixture and state-of-the-art traction agent that provides better footing over ice. This structure gives Safe Paw an advantage over other products because it makes transit over ice much safer- for both humans and animals. Safe Paw draws in sunlight based heat to give additional melting force during the hours when the sun is shining. When Safe Paw has liquefied the ice and snow, it leaves an imperceptible 'shield' that keeps ice from adhering to surfaces for up to 3 days. This means easier shoveling, even after additional snow has fallen.

Safe Paw was as of late granted the PTPA Green Product Seal and was incorporated into the Whole Green Catalog: 1000 Best Things for You and the Earth. How's that for a dog safe ice melt? Since 1986, Safe Paw is the only product on the market that is guaranteed:

- Environmentally safe

- Non-destructive to all metals

- Non-conductive

- Safe on paints, plastics, and elastic

- Safe on black-top, cement, and pavers

- Nontoxic to both animals and people

If you’re currently researching a dog safe ice melt that will eliminate damage to your carports, walkways and outside spaces, Safe Paw is the first choice. You can learn more about how Safe Paw works by watching a free online video demo on the Safe Paw website. Please visit online at, or call (800) 783-7841 with any questions.

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