Environmentally Friendly Ice Melt

How to Choose the Best Environmentally Friendly Ice Melt:

You’ve probably heard that salt and chemicals are bad for the environment, but what you may not realize is that they can be extremely damaging to the health of your pets and family. If you’re searching for an environmentally friendly ice melt that won’t damage your concrete surfaces and is safe to use around pets and kids, consider Safe Paw- the #1 selling pet safe and eco-friendly ice melt on the market. Safe Paw is unique any other product you can buy today to melt ice and snow on your home or commercial surfaces. Here’s why:

When it comes to melting ice, salt does a terrific job, but there are serious problems associated with using it around the home. Top on the list is that it poses as a health threat to your pets and kids. Second on the list is the damage salt does to exterior surfaces and the environment. Salt and other chemicals typically used in ice melts can cause damage to your concrete surfaces, like pitting, cracking and aesthetic deterioration. That means only after a few years of using a common salt ice melt, you’ll be looking into the costs of resurfacing. Safe Paw is 100% free of salt and other chemicals that could deteriorate your outdoor surfaces. It’s safe to use on wooden decking, concrete, asphalt, pavement and pavers.

Did you know that salt runoff can kill plants and shrubbery around your yard? If you’ve noticed yellowing of plants or other foliage in areas close to where you’ve applied ice melt, you’re witnessing the damage salt runoff is doing- and it could mean you’ll have to completely replace shrubs and other plants. Protect expensive landscaping by using Safe Paw rather than an inferior salt or chemical product, without compromising on the results you’ll experience. The fact is, Safe Paw is superior to all other salt-based ice melts you can buy today because it’s made with environmentally-safe ingredients that do more to melt ice and protects against future ice attaching to surfaces for up to 3 days.

Take a closer look at how Safe Paw works by visiting the SafePaw.com website, where you can watch a demo video explaining how its environmentally friendly ice melt ingredients work that are guaranteed to provide a higher level of safety on ice and snow. You’ll experience better traction with Safe Paw as well, so you can feel confident to walk out to your vehicle without worrying about slipping.

Visit the Safe Paw FAQ section to discover the advantages of using the most reliable deicer available today. If you’ve been told by your retail store personnel that their ice melt is more or less the same thing as Safe Paw, don’t believe it. There is nothing else like Safe Paw- and its unique ingredients and ice melting process is protected by patents. Don’t settle for an inferior ice melt; only Safe Paw is guaranteed.

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