Ice Melt For Concrete

Why Safe Paw is Considered the Best Ice Melt for Concrete:

You may be surprised to learn that your current ice melt product is probably not safe to be used on concrete and other exterior surfaces. You may have been using it for years and wondered why your exterior surfaces were deteriorating, but did not connect the dots to your deicer. If this is the case, you may be searching for a better product to use in the winter months. Safe Paw is considered to be the best product available today in melting ice without damaging concrete. Safe Paw is a safe ice melt for concrete and is 100% salt free- guaranteed safe to use around kids and pets.

Gaia Enterprises offers the best product to deice solid surfaces. Their item, Safe Paw, was granted the PTPA Green Product Seal and is the top choice for both residential and commercial applications. The Safe Paw advantage is that it is completely safe when utilized on wooden decking, black-top, solid, pavers, and around plants and bushes. On the off chance that you've been utilizing a rock salt or salt-based melting product, you have probably taken notice of yellowing of plants along the edge of the range where you were utilizing the deicer. Damage to cement and black-top surfaces is additionally an indication that a decider has been utilized to give safe travel by foot.

Getting rid of your current ice melt is the first step in eliminating the need to resurface your exterior surfaces. Buying Safe Paw ice melt for concrete can protect your concrete and asphalt grounds-and Safe Paw has one unmistakable preferred standpoint over the opposition: better traction over ice. Here’s the means by which it works-

Safe Paw is distinct from other ice melts in that it is made with a double impact compound that gives a two-way, time-release activity. The liquid portion starts to dissolve ice the minute it touches the ground, reducing the surface strain and enabling the second segment to accelerate melting. While the sun is shining, the product takes advantage of solar heat to further initiate melting. Safe Paw imparts a unique shield to the surface being used on to keep ice from attaching. The company refers to this as the 'Teflon Effect', and it makes shoveling so much quicker and easier.

Safe Paw ice melt for concrete is available to purchase over the website and in stores around your location. Use the convenient ‘Store Locator’ on the website to find a product supplier in your area. You can learn more about Safe Paw’s advantages by visiting online and clicking on the ‘Product Info’ link, where you can read about the benefits of using a salt-free ice melt for concrete surfaces. Safe Paw is guaranteed safe around kids and pets as well! Make the natural choice for your family, your friends, or your customers and clients. Choose Safe Paw for easy transit over icy surfaces this winter.

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