Ice Melt Safe For Concrete

How to Choose an Ice Melt Safe For Concrete:

It often comes as a surprise to homeowners who live in areas where they have to deal with ice and snow in the winter months that their current ice melt is not safe for concrete. If you’ve noticed pitting or other damage to your exterior concrete surfaces, the problem may be coming from your ice melt product. Safe Paw is different from other products on the market, since it is specifically designed to eliminate the damage caused by harsh chemical products. Safe Paw Ice melter is 100% salt free and is guaranteed safe to use around children and pets as well.

Gaia Enterprises introduces the best available product to deice concrete surfaces. Their product, Safe Paw, was awarded the PTPA Green Product Seal and is the #1 selling brand of ice melt that’s safe for concrete surfaces and use where pets and children play. Safe Paw’s benefits include being completely safe when used on wooden decking, asphalt, concrete, pavers, and around plants and shrubs. If you’ve been using a rock salt or salt-based ice melt, you have probably seen the fallout after-the-fact when the product has melted and left yellowing or browning of plants along the perimeter of the area where you were using the deicer. Pitting in concrete and asphalt surfaces is also a tell-tale sign that an ice melt has been used to provide safe transit to or from a building. 

If you want to avoid the costs of resurfacing your driveway or other exterior surfaces, consider the more affordable option. Investing in Safe Paw ice melt that’s safe for concrete can save you a lot of money in eliminating the damage that comes from using salts and chemicals- and Safe Paw has one distinct advantage over the competition: better traction. Here’s how it works-

Unlike salts and chemicals, Safe Paw is made with a dual-effect compound that provides a two-way, timed release action. The liquid part of the component begins to melt ice the moment it touches the ground, breading the surface tension and allowing the second component to speed up melting. The unique traction agent preventions slipping by attracting solar heat to provide additional melting while the sun is shining. Safe Paw not only melts ice and snow, it leaves behind a safe and invisible shield that actually prevents ice from adhering to surfaces for 3 days. They call this the ‘Teflon Effect’, and it makes for quick and easy shoveling, too.

You can purchase Safe Paw over the website or in one of the convenient store locations across the country. Simply click on the ‘Store Locator’ link to find Safe Paw in a nearby store where you live. If you’d like to learn more about the most popular ice melt that’s safe for concrete, visit the ‘About Us’ section online. Take better care of your concrete surfaces at home or at your place of business with patented Safe Paw protection.

Ice Melt Safe For Concrete
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