Pet Safe Salt For Driveway

Why Homeowners Need a Pet Safe Salt for Driveway and Walkway Areas Around the Home:

Too many ice melters available today are marked as being eco-friendly or pet safe. The truth of the matter is that when used around the home environment, these "green" ice melters are manly deemed as more or less ‘minimally-damaging’ for grass and vegetation but have not been tested around children or pets. ‘Safe’ is a relative term often used by companies to mean something other than what the customers thinks it means. Safe Paw is different. As the premier pet and child safe deicer on the market, it is considered the best pet safe ‘salt’ for driveway applications- however, Safe Paw contains no salt whatsoever.

There are two essential reasons why pet safe ice melts are being sought out by consumers today: First of all, pets have sensitive paws. Dogs and cats that have been domesticated are not as acclimated to the cold temperatures as their ‘wilder’, less domesticated cousins. They may have an adequate layer of hide to keep their bodies warm, yet the impacts of ice and snow may negatively affect their fragile paws. In like manner the salt and certain chemicals incorporated into different ice melters can further cause damage to the delicate areas within their paws.

Second, there are increasing reports of death by ice melt ingestion from pets, documented with the ASPCA-APCC each year. A dog or cat that has ingested ice melt may present one or more of the following symptoms: drooling, loss of appetite, vomiting, thirstiness, and disorientation. When your pet takes a drink from melting snow or ice outside of your home, make certain they are drinking water that has not been contaminated by salt or chemical deicer products. Use Safe Paw around your home to protect your pet against being poisoned.

Your pet deserves to live in a safe environment, free from the possibility of inadvertently drinking toxic ice melt residue. You can make your outdoor pet environment safer by opting for a pet safe salt for driveway and exterior surfaces. Safe Paw is often called a salt melt, but the fact is, there is no salt whatsoever used in the making of Safe Paw, nor are any chemicals found in its ingredients. Pet owners will also find one additional benefit to using Safe Paw- it melts ice much quicker and more thoroughly than traditional ice melts, so you and your beloved pet can traverse icy conditions safer and more conveniently.

While it’s true that using a pet safe ice melt can keep your pet protected from the dangers of salt and chemicals, it’s not always possible to avoid contact when venturing off of your own property. Safe Paw recommends the following safety tips when taking your dog for a walk during winter months:

Keep pets inside as much as possible during winter months

Save this long strolls for intercoms between heavy ice and snow

Keep your dog closely when walking off of your property, and provide a drink for your pet before and after the walk

Invest in a comfortable pear of boots for your dog to prevent pain and injury from ice and chemicals

Feel free to take a closer look at Safe Paw pet safe salt for driveway and exterior surface areas by visiting the Safe Paw website. You can order Safe Paw right from the site or by checking the store locator to find Safe Paw in a store near you.

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