Shadowfax – A Safe Paw Partner

Shadowfax—A Safe Paw® Partner


The Shadowfax Corporation supports individuals who have disabilities while supplying valuable services to the business community at large. We encourage these individuals to develop their competencies, express preferences, and pursue life goals. It is through our services that we provide the environment for individuals to "Turn Dreams Into Reality."

Shadowfax's mission is to create a progressive environment that demonstrates dependability, integrity, and commitment to our customers. Shadowfax strives to provide individuals with a supportive environment that cultivates trust, open communication and teamwork. This allows individuals the freedom to showcase their talents. We believe everyone is responsible to take ownership for their roles because of the vested interest we share in our collective future.

It is through our Services and Programs that we create and develop the individual's environment. Our subcontracting and production services provide the opportunities for vocational training and development. Individuals are given support in acquiring the skills necessary to be successful in the competitive job market and the community at large.

Our Residential Living Programs are warm, supportive environments that are staffed by dedicated people. These staff offer a support to individuals in acquiring skills that impact their lives in the areas of community involvement, financial status, emotional well-being and personal care skills.

Our Elderly Activities program furnishes a structured and caring atmosphere for individuals who are 60 years of age and older and have disabilities such as Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson Disease, etc.

Our Adult Training Programs support adults with severe disabilities in acquiring skills and achieving a lifestyle that is fulfilling and desirable.

All individuals are encouraged to be active members in their communities.

Throughout our programs and services we have incorporated a person-centered planning philosophy to maintain our focus on each individual.

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