Using Safe Paw

Safe Paw® is the safest and most advanced ice melter. It has unique characteristics so we've provided these tips to help you get the most out of your purchase.

  • Safe Paw is highly concentrated. You don't need to use as much Safe Paw as you would use with salt or other ice melters.
  • Safe Paw retains heat better than other ice melters. Store indoors, at room temperature, to ensure maximum performance.
  • Spread Safe Paw before winter precipitation. This will create a barrier that prevents ice from bonding to surfaces for about 3 days. If there is accumulation within that period, you won't have to chip away at underlying ice when shoveling.
  • Ice melters sometimes need a little assistance on black ice. Scratch or roughen black ice with a shovel before applying Safe Paw. Once the surface tension is broken, Safe Paw will go to work.
  • Safe Paw is a great traction agent. Keeping a jug in the car can help you get out of a slippery situation. If your car gets stuck in snow or ice, clear the ruts and sprinkle Safe Paw around tires to increase traction.
  • Safe Paw is very effective so you don't need to use as much as other products. Applying excessive amounts may lead to the browning of grass or temporarily coloring surfaces. If this occurs, reduce the amount of Safe Paw you are using and follow these steps:

    • If grass browns, water the affected area and hold off on fertilizing. Let nature take its course. The color should return by the end of spring.
    • Surface coloring from overuse is temporary and will fade over time when exposed to water and sunlight. To speed up the fading process use OxyClean or a similar product.
  • Safe Paw is 100% salt-free and environmentally safe so you can use it in more places than salt-based ice melters. Use Safe Paw anywhere you are concerned about ice including roofs, gutters, cars, stairs, decking, and flooring.

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